Clothing is light and shouldn’t be difficult to transport. Here are some tips to maximize your space.

Going the Traditional Route

Many people pack clothing in cardboard boxes and trash bags when they move. The problem is, it’s bulky and takes up room. To maximize space, consider saving most of your boxes and bags for difficult-to-transport objects such as computers, printers, or whatever might be too small and scattered to carry on its own.

Stay Organized

Ideally, you’re able to pack masses of clothing in super specialized wardrobe boxes. They’re compact and great for organization. Above all else, they solve the problem of pesky hangers, whose irregular shapes make it difficult to just stuff into a trash bag. These boxes don’t come cheap, though—at about $8 each, think about only buying several for your nicest clothing that perhaps can’t afford to be wrinkled.

Shrink What Doesn’t Fit

Clothing is mostly air and linen, which is why it can be so unwieldy to pack and store. Look into buying an oversized vacuum-sealed storage bag for anything bulky that you don’t mind getting wrinkled, such as jeans or sweatshirts. It works by sucking out all the air in the bag so that your clothing inside is compressed into easily managed wedges. Some vacuum-sealed storage bags even come in the shape of chairs and ottomans for optimal organization. A $25 bag is large enough to fit all sorts of things—one recommendation is to try putting your comforter or sheets inside.

The Overarching Ideas:

  • Mix and match
  • Look at specific articles of clothing going into specific storage units
  • Cardboard boxes and trash bags – shirts that aren’t too bulky, socks, underwear
    • Wardrobe boxes – anything nice that stays on its hanger
    • Vacuum-sealed storage bags – jeans, sweatshirts, comforters or pillows with fluffy down feathers

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