You can’t move without a map.

Well, you can, but why would you do that? Maps are easy sources of information, and they can greatly help you in planning and executing your move.

But what maps are we talking about? Certainly, a map of pre-Civil-War America won’t help much. Well, in this article, we’ll lay out the moving maps you should use.

Maps You Should Use When Moving

Here are the four maps any mover should take a look at:

  • Map of Your New Home – If you have an accurate visual layout of your new home, you can decide where things should go before you even move in. For example, you can determine the rooms that will fit your sofa. You can also name rooms, making it easier to label moving boxes and items.
  • Driving Map – Whether you’re renting a moving truck or just driving the family car, you’ll need a map to get your from your old home to your new one.
  • MovingGuru’s Metro-Migration Map – We have an interactive moving map that allows you to see what U.S. metros people are moving to and from. For example, see what other cities San Franciscans are moving to, and what cities they hail from.
  • Neighborhood Map – A detailed map of your new neighborhood/town/city is a great thing to have when you move in, and to keep on hand for the first few months after moving. Either keep a physical version with you, or have one that’s readily accessible from your phone. You won’t regret it. It’s useful to have Siri lead you along, but you actually come to understand your area’s layout when you look at a map.



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