How to Ship Guns and Firearms

Are you a weapons owner?

Gun can complicate any move. Some moving services refuse to transport them, and weapons-shipping laws can be difficult to work around.

That being said, it’s entirely possible to move your guns from your old home to your new one.  Here are your options:

How to Ship a Gun

There’s nothing inherently illegal about shipping a gun.  However, there are plenty of restrictions in place.

  • Moving Services – Some moving companies and you-pack companies will move your guns.  Others won’t.  Make sure to ask your movers whether they will.
  • Mail/Delivery – USPS has tight restrictions on mailing guns, making it all-but-impossible to do for the average person.  Private delivery companies, like FedEx, are a bit more lenient, but they too have limits as to how you can do it.  Make sure to ask a knowledgable employee.
  • Through a Gun Dealer – Gun dealers and manufacturers are able to mail guns to each other under USPS regulations, so you can “hire” them to mail your guns to a local dealer, where you can pick them up.

Packing a Gun

When you pack a gun, make sure to unload it and to take it apart, where appropriate.  Use packaging, especially if you are moving multiple guns.

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