Moving alone is the cheapest way to move.

It involves doing everything yourself, though.  You need to pack the boxes, after you buy the boxes, and before you load them into your vehicle, which you’ll drive, of course, and unload… on your own time… probably a weekend… yeah.

So, before you pull a do-it-yourself move, you need to determine whether it’s something that you even want to do.  Here is what to expect when moving alone.

What You Need to Do When Moving on Your Own:

  • Packing – You will need to pack all of your stuff, and it will take forever. Er, it will feel that way… because how did you end up with so may dishes?!
  • Loading – If you’re moving alone, you will need to load everything into your car or truck on your own.  If you have anything remotely large, this will be impossible to do solo, and you will need to bribe a friend to help you move or hire a helping hand.
  • Logistics – You will have to plan everything, including your route and schedule.
  • Driving – Driving your car is easy.  Driving your car when it’s filled with everything you own and your trunk is half open is much harder.
  • Intangibles – Your move will be difficult for unknown reasons, whether it’s moving in the rain, getting a flat tire, or navigating a skinny staircase.  That’s all on you to weather.
  • Sweat & Tears – If anyone’s back gets pulled during the move, it’s going to be yours.
  • Multiple Trips – If you don’t have a pick-up truck, you’ll either have to take multiple trips, or you’ll have to sell your stuff.
  • A Trip to the Hardware Store – You’ll need screwdrivers, tape, rope, bungee cords… chances are you’ll have to run to the local ACE for some reason.
  • Desperate Calls to Friends and Family – The table will be heavier than you think, trust me.

Are you not scared into getting some free moving quotes by this time?  Okay, well then we have some good tips for how to move alone.

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