How to Move a Pool Table

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Need to get your pool table out of the basement?

Pool tables are like pianos when it comes to moving.  They’re expensive, large, and heavier than a 19th-Century Russian novel.  Moving them requires dedication and arms like Zeus.

If you have a pool table in your den, you have three options for moving it: (1) move it with help; (2) hire a moving company; (3) sell it.

Moving It With Help

You can move that pool table on your own.  You just need some extra hands and muscle to do it.  Call friends and family and ask for some help.

You’ll probably need three extra people, because pool tables are excessively heavy.  You should try to tag team each side.  Trying to support half a pool table alone while walking up stairs is Rambo-esque… and you’re not Rambo.

Once you have your team assembled, take measurements and plan your route through your home to the moving truck.

Hire a Moving Company

Moving companies deal with these things all the time.  Movers shrug nonchalantly at the prospect of moving a pool table.  It’s what they do. 

If you already expect to hire a moving company, then great… moving your pool table won’t affect the cost of your move.  However, if you are considering a moving company only because of the pool table, then it might be time to consider selling the beast.

Selling Your Pool Table

Selling a pool table shifts the burden of moving it from you to somebody else.  Well, it should, at least.  Condition your sale on the buyer moving the pool table, then you don’t have to worry about doing it.

Selling your pool table might make more sense if you haven’t removed the table cover since 2003.

If you have a pool table, you probably have some other pretty tough stuff to move as well.  Learn how to move difficult things.