Got a moving pod?

It’ll be hard to control your excitement when you first see your moving pod. How will you fill it? When will you fill it? Oh, how metal-ly it is!

However, you should take a few minutes to compose yourself and plan your loading before you just start tossing stuff in.


How to Load a Moving Pod, Step-by-Step

  1. Get Supplies – You’ll need moving boxes, packaging, tape, labels and rope.  Learn where to get free moving supplies.
  2. Pack your stuff – Put what you can into moving boxes, which will make loading easier.  Make sure to pack your stuff securely.
  3. Plan – Figure out how larger items will fit in the moving pod before you start putting them in.
  4. Be careful – Just because you rented a moving pod doesn’t mean you won’t pull your back by lifting too much.
  5. Secure items in place – Who know how the you-pack company will treat your pod.  Rather than have your stuff flying all around with reckless movers, use rope, tape and packaging to secure everything in place.

What Is a Moving Pod?

Hiring a You-Pack Company

How to Ship Boxes

Saving Money on Your Move