Just want an idea of how much moving costs?

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There are four basic ways to move, and each comes with its own price range.

  1. You can move on your own
  2. You can move with a rental truck
  3. You can move with a moving pod
  4. You can hire a moving company

Moving on your own, also known as do-it-yourself moving, is basically free. Besides gas and some supplies, you won’t have to pay a dime.

Renting a moving truck is pricier, but it’s not bad. If you are moving 100 miles, you can expect to pay roughly $150 plus gas for a one-day truck rental. If you need a large truck (i.e. you have a LOT of stuff), tack on $75.

Moving pods are a bit pricier than rental trucks, because you don’t have to do the driving. They usually run between $1,500-2,500 for a cross-country move.

Moving company – Moving companies have a wide variety of prices, but, basically, you can expect to pay roughly $3000 for a cross-county move for a one-bedroom residence. Add $1,000 for each additional room.

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