Getting the Best Deal on TV and Internet

Want to find good cable and Internet prices?

Getting a great TV or Internet deal is kind of like searching for truffles.  You really need to dig around and know what you’re looking for.  If you decide to take the first service you find, you might end up tripping out.

Here’s how to find affordable cable and Internet services:

Know Your Options

Getting a good deal takes some work.  You need to research your options and think about how they relate to you.

  • Look into all potential providers – In some cases, there might only be one cable provider around, which makes your decision easy.  However, if there are multiple services in your area, make sure to talk to them all about all of their deals.
  • Choosing channels – What do you watch?  Do you need HD or digital recording?  Make a list of what channels and perks you want to have, and try to find the cheapest service that offers them. Try to not get roped into buying channels or services you don’t need.
  • Satellite vs. CableSatellite and cable TV both offer great selections of channels and services.  However, each has its pros and cons.  Basically, satellite is cheaper and better in rural areas, but it has more technical difficulties.
  • Cable vs. DSLCable Internet has the potential to be much faster than DSL, but most people need only a minimal bandwidth speed that both cable and DSL offer. DSL is usually cheaper than cable, but cable uses the same technology as cable TV, supporting potential package deals.
  • Look for bundles – Internet and TV are often included in packages that can save you money. Rather than buying both separately, you can get a package deal for a cheaper total price. However, bundles are not always the cheapest option, and some offer unnecessary services, so be careful.

Other Tricks

Create a timeline – Cable providers make life impossibly complex for their customers.  A favorite trick of theirs is to increase prices over time and to not give you a clear-cut timeline for when it’ll happen. Suddenly it’s October and you’re paying $30 more per month. SURPRISE.

For example, a $99 package might rise to $129 after six months.  This means that the best price in March might not be the best price in October.

If you want to get the best over-all price, you should create a timeline with your options for each month for at least a year.

Note that you can often get them to give you a different deal before the price jack, but the onus is on you to remember to do that.

Be a snoop – Customer service representatives will probably tell you the best price for them first.  To get the best price for you, you will need to ask about all of their options.  Check here to learn how to talk to service providers.

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