Looking for cheap cable service?

TVs are costly enough. You don’t want to get ripped off by a cable provider too. However, it happens.

If you want the best cable service for the most affordable price, you’ll have to do some research. Fortunately, we have provided you with the basics:

Satellite vs Cable

When choosing a TV service, you have two basic options: cable and satellite. Each has its pros and cons.

Cable TV

Positives of Cable TV
• Easy to connect
• Consistent — bad weather doesn’t affect it
• Services are local

Negatives of Cable TV
• Not as many options as satellite
• More expensive than satellite
• Might not reach remote areas

Satellite TV

Positives of Satellite TV
• Works in remote areas
• Generally cheaper than cable
• Numerous channel options

Negatives of Satellite TV
• Susceptible to bad weather — storms can cut service
• Costly and difficult to install — it involves many parts
• Need to maintain with your satellite to ensure it’s positioned correctly

How To Find Cheaper Television Service

Whether you decide on cable or satellite, it’s going to cost you money, usually in the form of monthly bills. However, you can try to reduce your costs in a few ways:

  • Do your homework – Don’t just take the first service you find. Shop around and look for deals with different companies.
  • Look for package deals – See if a company offers a television package that will drop your costs. If you only watch certain channels, ask if you can get only them for a lower cost, as opposed to getting every channel.
  • Forego the luxuries – Of course, everybody likes HD and DVR, but using non-HD and foregoing the DVR can mean getting TV for as little as $1 a day.

How to Transfer a Cable Service

If you are happy with the television service you have now, contact your provider’s customer service department to see if they service your next home. If they do, you can easily transfer your account when you move.

How to Hook Up a Cable Service

If you have picked out a service, prior to moving, set up a time for the service provider to install it. A good time is a day or two after you move, because you will have your TV(s) set up by then and the installer will have room to move around.

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