Flat Rate Moving Company Pros and Cons

Is a flat rate the best rate?

Well, it depends.  95% of the time, someone will benefit from a flat rate, but it isn’t always the customer. Sometimes it’s the moving company that gets the “deal”.

  • For example, say a moving company would charge $100/hr for your move.  And a flat rate moving company offers you a flat rate of $3,000.  Assume these companies are equally competent.
  • Now, if your move takes over 30 hours total from loading to driving to unloading, then you got a deal on the flat rate.  But if it only takes 20 hours, then you essentially paid an extra $1,000.

But how do you know whether flat rate is a good idea if you don’t know how long your move will take?  Well, you can make an educated guess based on the following factors:

When to get a Flat-Rate Moving Company

  • Difficult-to-Access Home – If your home is difficult to access (stairs, long driveway, difficult parking), it can add a lot of time to the moving process.  In such a case, go flat rate.
  • Difficult Possessions – Hard-to-move items take longer to move.  If you need a lot of help moving heavy furniture and delicate items, flat rate is probably best.
  • Long Distance Move – If you’re moving long distance, flat rate is probably a better option.
  • Need Help Packing – If you need your moving company to help you pack your items, it can add serious time to your move.  Choose flat rate in that case.
  • You Just Want a Set Price – There’s a lot to be said for knowing exactly what you’ll pay.  It’s less stressful; it won’t result in arguments; and you can account for it months before you even move.  If you just want to know how much your move will cost, go flat rate.

Flat-rate moving companies can be found in any city in any state. Check out our quotes page to get free flat rate moving quotes.