So, you’re flying solo, huh?

Packing up and getting out of dodge like how the outlaws of the Wild West used to do it, right? Loner-style. Vagabondish. No frills — all guts and 5 o’clock shadow.

Well, if you follow these ten tips, your do-it-yourself move won’t just be cheap, it’ll be easy.

And by easy, I mean not terrible.

Tips for Moving on Your Own:

  1. Plan, Actually Plan – Plan your route, your schedule and how you will pack your car before you just start doing stuff.
  2. Ruin Your Weekend – Don’t try to move before or after work.  Your stress levels will reach aneurysm.
  3. Unplug Your Computer and TV First – Otherwise you will end up procrastinating.
  4. Don’t Wear Headphones – They’ll grab on everything like baby hands.
  5. Do Wear Gloves & Shoes – You will bash your fingers on something or between somethings.  Gloves will help subtle the blow.  Same with shoes.
  6. Get Help Like Loans – Tell a friend “you’ll owe them _____” to get their help with the heavy stuff.  Not living up to your promise will be easier if you move to another state.
  7. Unplug Your Speakers Last – Otherwise you will have nothing to hum to.
  8. Use Underneath Your Car Seat – There’s actually a lot of space under there!  Same goes for the spare tire compartment.
  9. Put Stuff in Stuff – If you’re going to move your dresser, you might as well keep your clothes in there.
  10. Remember: Bungee Cords – Trunk too full to close?  Bungee cords.  Utilizing your car roof?  Bungee cords.  Need a drawer to stay closed?  Bungee cords.

Here are some tips for finding a new apartment before you do all the above.