Recycling Electronics

Do you have dead electronics?

You know that old computer in your attic?  The one riddled with viruses and lacking the capacity to download a song from the Internet?  Yeah, you’re probably going to want to get rid of it before you move.  But don’t throw it away — recycle it.

Why You Should Recycle Electronics

There are two important reasons to recycle your electronics:

Chemicals, plastics and pollution – Many electronics contain chemicals and elements that can harm the environment.  While it might seem okay to trash a computer in a garbage dumb, those elements and chemicals will eventually make their way into the soil and the ecosystem.

A dead TV has value – Many electronics and their components can still be used to create other electronics or service those in need.  For example, most electronics contain copper, which can be reused.  Simply throwing a computer away means abandoning those valuable elements and components.

Where to Recycle Your Electronics

Unfortunately, there isn’t a blue recycling bin for your defunct stereo and printer.  You’ll need to either bring your electronics to a recycling center or contact a recycling center to come get your electronics from you (some, not all, will do this).

Googling “electronics recycling” in your town is a good way to start.  If nothing shows up in your search, you can try the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, which has a database to help you find local recycling centers.

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