Need to move a bed?

Bed’s are a pretty classic moving problem. They’re big, bulky, heavy and have multiple parts. No fun. No fun at all. But, if you want a place to sleep, moving your bed might be a necessity.

There are three basic ways to move a bed: on your own, in a moving truck, or via a moving company. We’ll discuss each, including their pros and cons:

How to Move a Bed

  1. Hire a Moving Company – Moving companies can take care of the entire moving process for you. Just hire them and sit back… and pay the associated fee. Obviously, it will be more expensive compared to the other two options.
  2. Rent a Moving Truck – You can rent a moving truck, which will allow you to fit your entire bed, whole, or to fit in your bed after breaking it down a bit, so you can fit more things. Whether you plan to disassemble your bed or not, make sure the moving truck can fit your mattress and box spring (if you have one).
  3. Do It Yourself – Moving a bed on your own (i.e. not in a moving truck) takes some real muscle power. First, you’ll need to disassemble your bed (see below). Second, you’ll need to tie the mattress and box spring to your vehicle somehow, and find room for the frame inside.


How to Disassemble a Bed

Breaking down a bed into smaller parts is essential if you’re going to move it on your own. To do this, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Have a screwdriver, hammer, pen, tape and bag on hand.
  2. Figure out where the joint are for your bed frame. Then determine how to undo them. Usually a screwdriver will do the trick, but sometimes a hammer will be necessary to loosen parts that interlock.
  3. Label each piece with tape so you know how to put it back together.
  4. Take apart the joints, and place the screws/bolts/pins into a baggie.
  5. Bind the similar pieces (i.e. long pieces, short pieces) together with tape.

*If your bed doesn’t disassemble, which some don’t, then you’ll need to move it whole, which will require at least a moving truck.


How to Fasten a Mattress to Your Vehicle

Now, this is the really tricky thing. To fasten a mattress to your car’s roof, you’ll need some bold confidence, because it’s really not something that should happen, and you’re going to look ridiculous. Nevertheless, when you get it done, you will feel like an absolute champion.

Here’s an entire article on how to tie a mattress to your car.


If moving your bed seems too hard, try selling it. If done right, you can get someone to move it for you, and get them to pay you to for it!

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