How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

Wondering what a good price for storage is?

Public storage, also known as self storage, allows you to store your belongings outside of your home or apartment.  Its very convenient, especially for those with limited space in their places.  However, it can come at a stiff price.

Self storage costs range widely based on your location, space needed, and any amenities.  You can check out our storage cost calculator and get an estimate, but here are the basics:

How to Pay for Storage

You rent storage space, meaning you pay based on the amount of time you use it. The contract you sign is essentially a lease, meaning you will agree to pay to use a storage unit for a specified amount of time.

The most common storage leases use monthly or yearly payments.  Unless you can front thousands of dollars, expect another monthly bill.

Storage Pricing Options

The price of self storage varies widely based on a few factors:

  • Storage Unit Sizes – There dozens of sizes for storage, ranging from 3×5 foot lockers to 20×30 foot rooms.  Prices range accordingly. See what storage unit size is right for you.
  • Climate Controlled Self Storage – Climate control allows renters to control the temperature and humidity in a storage unit. Units with this option are more expensive.
  • Location – The closer a storage facility is to a densely-populated area, the more expensive it will be.
  • Accessibility – Storage units on the first floor with vehicle access are typically more expensive than ones on upper floors that requires the renter to use an elevator Disney Princess 2-Large rental.

On average, you can expect a 5×10 storage unit without any amenities to cost about $90 a month.  Climate control will up that roughly $10/mo, and a less accessible unit can save your roughly $10/mo.

Check here if you’d like to view a guide for where to find cheap self storage.  Or use our storage cost calculator to get an actual estimate.


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