Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

If you are storing perishables, then yes.

Climate-controlled storage units allow you to control the humidity and temperature levels in the storage unit.  While this might not matter for, say, a plastic chair, it can be vital for a delicate woodwork or fabrics.

Most self storage facilities raise their storage unit rates for climate control.  You can expect to pay an extra $15 to $50 per month for climate-controlled storage units, depending on the size of the unit.  Also, you might or might not be able to control the thermostat for the unit itself; the facility might do this.

Two things to remember when getting climate control:

  1. Check to see that the control panel works, if there is one, or make sure that you know the temperature the facility will maintain, and
  2. Check on the unit every couple of weeks to ensure it’s working as expected.

Items That Need Climate-Controlled Storage

There are many different things that should be stored in a controlled environment, including those that can be damaged by heat, cold or wet.  Here’s an incomplete list:

  • Electronics – Heat, cold and humidity can ruin electronics.
  • Fine cloth (silk, hand-woven fabrics) – Damp spaces create a situation perfect for mildew.
  • Wood – Humidity can warp and rot wood.
  • Paintings – If you have an expensive painting, make sure the paints used are heat and humidity resistant.
  • Living things – Nothing living should be kept in storage, but if you need to store a plant for a week or so, make sure you have climate control.

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