What Are Moving Cubes?

Moving cubes are moving pods.  And moving pods are you-pack containers.  They’re all the same thing: containers to put your stuff in.  And they all have similar pricing and restrictions.

And, really, if we want to be real, they’re all actually LTL shipments.

LTL stands for less-than-truckload.  LTL shipments are shipments of items that do not take up an entire truck.  So, the truck carries multiple customers’ shipments at once, let’s say from Chicago to New York, rather than only one at a time. It’s more efficient for the service provider and cheaper for the customer.

About a decade ago, the moving industry caught on, taking advantage of lax licensing laws.  Companies like PODS and U-Pack began offering similar services, sparking a change in the moving lexicon (you-pack, moving pods… make sense now?).

Recently, ABF U-Pack unveiled its ReloCube, which is where moving cube comes from.

But, really, they’re all the same thing: containers that you pack your stuff in and that the company drives to your new home.

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