Top 8 Tips for Finding Cheap Self Storage

Here are the top 8 tips for finding :

  1. Look Distant – The further from a central city or town, the cheaper rates will be.
  2. Avoid Climate Control – You might need climate-controlled self storage, but if you can avoid it, you can save up to $50 a month.
  3. Avoid Drive Up Access – Drive up access is more expensive, generally.
  4. Get a Higher Floor – A unit on the third floor will be cheaper than one on the first floor.
  5. Stay Small – Don’t get a storage unit that is too big for you.  It could cost you up to $50 extra a month, assuming you don’t really over-do it. Get one precisely for what you

    need.  Take measurements.

  6. Sell Your StuffThe best way to save on storage is to sell the stuff you plan on storing.  I mean, do you really need it?  Really?  Because you’re about to store it…
  7. Pay Up Front – If you can pay for, say, a year’s lease up front, you might be able to get a deal, because it lowers the risk for the facility.
  8. Use Your Own Lock – If you are willing to lock your storage unit on your own, you might be able to find one for relatively cheap.  Be careful, though.  You don’t want to sacrifice safety for a few extra bucks.


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  1. Cathyhaden says:

    Hiring a storage unit close to your home or industrial unit will help in reducing traveling costs and would also provide quick accessibility to your goods.

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