Best Way to Ship Boxes

Shipping your stuff to your new home can save you the high price of a moving company, but it’s not free.  Many box shipping options cost thousands of dollars, some even more than a moving company.

But certainly there are affordable, easy shipping options, right?


Though there is no “best” way to ship boxes, because it will vary, there are three very good ones to decide among:

  1. Train – Trains, like Amtrak, are the cheapest shipping option, provided you have a station near your old home and your new one.
  2. Mail – The Postal Service can mail your moving boxes if they meet its requirements, including being under 70 pounds and not containing flammable materials.
  3. Moving Pods – Moving pods are containers that you load and the company drives to your new home. They are pricier than trains and mail, but are generally cheaper than moving companies or private deliverers,

    like UPS.

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