Top 10 Things to Do When Moving With Children

Moving with children can be tedious, frustrating, difficult and tiring. It can also be inspiring.

Moving is a great opportunity to form stronger bonds with your child and experience new things together.  Here are the top 10 things you should do when moving with children:

  1. Tell them you’re moving as soon as possible.
  2. Take them out to their favorite restaurant, even if it’s Chuck-E-Cheese.
  3. Let them help pick out your home – take their choice into the top three finalists before cutting it.
  4. Enlist them to help pack and load if they’re old enough.
  5. Buy them a toy or souvenir of your old hometown.
  6. Let them have a going away party with friends.
  7. Take them to the nearest waterpark, arcade or playground right after you move.
  8. Show them pictures of your new hometown. Have these be cool-looking pictures.
  9. Let them have an old friend come visit your new home with some sleep over action.
  10. Understand moving will be hard on them.

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