Things to Do for Moving

Moving requires much more than knee bends and a positive frame of mind. I mean, we’ve written over 250 articles (and counting) on moving, and there are still things that some movers need to do that we haven’t covered.

However, there are some ultra important things to do for moving that outweigh all other considerations. Here are our top 8 things to do for moving:

  1. Sell unused stuff – It’s essential for making your move easier and cutting down on the cost of moving.
  2. Use moving boxes – They are easy to maneuver, cheap and effective.
  3. Start early – Don’t wait until the last minute (i.e. week) to start preparing your move. Rather, get on things at least a month ahead of time.
  4. Background check your movers – Read reviews and try to get some references.
  5. Sign a contract – NEVER hire a moving company of any kind without a good, written contract.
  6. Label – If you take apart furniture, label the parts with tape so you can put it back together. Also label moving boxes with the contents and destination room.
  7. Survey the moving truck – Plan where you will put your stuff in the moving truck before just doing it. Take measurements. If you don’t, you might find that your mattress doesn’t fit.
  8.  – Some days are considerably more expensive to move during than others.

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