Should I Move Out on My Own?

Yes, if you’d enjoy it.

Moving out alone is tough. However, it’s also exciting, liberating, rewarding, and fun.

I mean, you get to walk around naked, if you’re into that. And you get to leave your bed unmade, your TV on, your laundry in the dryer, and your hair in the sink. OR you get to ensure none of those things happen!

But how do you know whether you will like living alone?

Should I Move Out on My Own?

Moving out on your own is a feeling. When you’re in bed one the morning, listening to your roommate bang the dishes like drums, or when you’re trying to watch TV while your mother is vacuuming (again), you’ll get an urge… your teeth will grind, your ears will burn, and you’ll start thinking —

If I just lived alone…

That’s when it’s time to entertain the thought of moving out on your own. Here are some good indicators that you’ll enjoy living alone:

  • You like cooking – It’s not easy making a rack of lamb when your roomy is hogging the stove with his mac’n’cheeze.
  • Cleanliness concerns – You can keep your place as clean or dirty as you please.
  • Decorating desires – Because you always wanted to paint a gorilla on your wall.
  • Sex drive – It’s much nicer to make out to a sleezy drama when your mothers’ footsteps can’t be heard.
  • You’re a loner – You aren’t scared of sleeping alone, and you don’t like having to say good morning¬†when you don’t mean it.
  • You have a new job/raise –¬†And can afford to fly solo.
  • Studious student – Cramming for finals in silence is intoxicating.
  • You work odd hours – Coming home and not having to be quiet is a nice thing, even if you’re a bartender.

Really, living alone is as much a personality thing as it is an ability thing. Who are you? If you’re someone who is ready to live alone, it’s time to figure out how to do it —

Learn how to move out on your own.