Are you looking for a reason to move?

In many respects, that alone is a reason to move. But maybe you’re anticipating your mom asking, “why are you moving?” Or your friend. Or your boss, wife or kid. And in that respect, the fact that you’re thinking about reasons to move might not be sufficient.

If you’re thinking about San Francisco movers… if you have an ambiguous urge to change your address, a hankering to pack… if you’re making moving trucks out of your mashed potatoes… well, then, I think it’s time for you to explore your reasons to relocate. In this article, we’ll help you out.

Different Reasons to Move

Reasons to move are only limited by your desires. I mean, if you dig banana slugs, then maybe you want to move to Santa Cruz. Or if you like all-day strip clubs, Portland movers are a good people to talk to. But here are some more, um, common reasons to move:

  • Job – If you got a new job, or if you’re chasing a dream job, that’s a great reason to relocate.
  • Opportunity – Sometimes you don’t even need a job in mind. Some places simply offer more opportunity, making moving there a no-brainer. For example, L.A. is well-known as a great place to move if you want a gig in the entertainment industry.
  • Climate – People move simply because they’re sick of the weather. For example, a Chicagoan might move to Phoenix to avoid another winter.
  • Inspiration – Sometimes people just need a change in scenery to get their lives rolling again. Moving can inspire people in the arts or in their careers. It offers a fresh take on life.
  • Family – Whether your moving near them, or running away from home, family offers bountiful reasons to relocate.
  • Lover – We all hear it: so-and-so is moving to X for so-and-so. And we all say, “what a dumb idea; they’ll be broken up in a month.” But isn’t it romantic?
  • College – College is one of the primary reasons people move, probably only second to getting a new job.
  • Commute – People move to make their commute less brutal. For example, moving twenty miles closer to work might save you an hour of traffic in the morning.
  • Need a New Place – Sometimes it’s just time to get out of where you are. Maybe you’re making better money, meaning you can get a bigger house, a better bathroom, a larger yard, or nicer neighbors…


If you’re comfortable with your reason to move, it’s time to find a new place to live.