In a state with San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s surprising to learn that a smaller inland city is home to California’s politics.  Yet, Sacramento, also known as Cap-City is just that.  It is California’s state capitol, home to its major governmental institutions, including the state governor and legislature.

But Sacramento is more than a political town.  It is a city rich with history, arts and educational opportunities.  Its climate is also one of the warmest and sunniest in the world.

Scroll down to learn about the pros and cons of Sacramento…

Geography of Sacramento

Sacramento is located at the intersection of two major rivers: the Sacramento and the American.  It lies in a flat basin, known as the Sacramento Valley, which is prone to severe flooding.  It is about 90 miles northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Area includes the nearby cities of Davis, Elk Grove, Folsom and Roseville.  All in all, it is home to roughly 2.1 million people.

Positives of Moving to Sacramento

  • Politics – California is a leader in world politics, often pushing through progressive laws years before other states and countries.  And it all happens right here, in Sacramento.  Those with an interest in politics and advocacy can find many opportunities here.
  • Theater – Sacramento has several theater venues, which showcase orchestra, opera and ballet in addition to plays. 
  • Food – Sacramento has a solid restaurant scene with some world-renowned fare.  However, it offers more than just that.  The Sacramento Valley is one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world, leading to a great selection of produce for residents.  Sacramento is home to a number of farmers’ markets.
  • The Bay Area – Yeah, San Francisco and Oakland are totally different cities, but they’re only an hour away.  Throw in nearby Napa and the Pacific Ocean, and Sacramento kind of has it going on.

Negatives of Moving to Sacramento

  • Entertainment – Sacramento pales in comparison to nearby San Francisco when it comes to live shows and entertainment.  Many artists and entertainers bypass the city, and it is not home to many noteworthy festivals.  Also, though it has a professional basketball team, the Kings (NBA), they’re leaving town soon.
  • Tule Fog – Sacramento regularly gets a thick, low-lying fog in the wintertime, which make driving extremely hazardous.
  • Extreme Temperatures – During the summers, Sacramento can see very hot temperatures.  From June until September, it is known as the sunniest place on earth, which leads to some scorching days.  Additionally, though it doesn’t often snow in Sacramento, temperatures often drop into the 30’s in the wintertime.
  • Flooding – Sacramento is extremely susceptible to flooding during heavy winter rain fall.


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