Need to move your boat to another body of water?

If you don’t have a trailer to transport your boat, the best way to move your boat is to hire a company to do it for you. Local boat surveyors can be located online or in the phone book. They’ll have to equipment to get your boat from lake to lake. However, you’ll still want to take some steps to protect your boat.

Shrink Wrapping

To protect your boat from the harsh elements of wind, rain and sun, have it shrink wrapped. The process of shrink wrapping will provide a heat sealed, form fitted surface around the boat and will prevent scratches on your gel coat that occur when your boat is simply covered by canvas or a tarp. In addition, shrink wrapping will prevent the pooling of water that can discolor and wear on your gel coat.

Inspecting your Cradle or Trailer

You need to inspect your cradle or trailer carefully before having your boat secured. Most movers will not assume any responsibility for damaged that results from a failed cradle or trailer. For wooden boats, it is recommended that they be transported on a custom-built cradle to insure that it is structurally sound and fitted for the exact weight of the boat.


  1. Following is a general checklist for the preparation of your boat for transport.
  2. Tightly secure the hatches & seal with tape
  3. Secure salon doors
  4. Pack the cabin securely with all locker doors closed and well secured
  5. Disconnect batteries and tie off cables
  6. Be present when your boat is being loaded. If this isn’t possible, have the surveyor or boat yard sign off on inspection.
  7. If you have a centerboard, be sure the board is secured in the “up” position