What Not to Do in a Moving Truck

Tens of thousands of us rent moving trucks each year.  That means, tens of thousands of us are driving unfamiliar, bulky vehicles on the roadways, sometimes for long distances.  In such cases, it’s important to keep in mind what NOT to do with the moving truck:

  • Drive fast – Driving fast in an unfamiliar vehicle is a sure-fire way to get in an accident.  Also, moving trucks are far heavier than the average car, requiring longer stopping distances.
  • Fail to lock it – A moving truck’s back gate should be locked at all times.  Also, if you’re not in it, neither should be the keys.  Stories of stolen, full moving trucks are too common.
  • Leave stuff unsecured – Moving trucks’ trailers are really just large boxes.  They have flat bottoms and tall ceilings with nothing in between.  Thus, you need to make sure you secure your stuff into place, so it doesn’t crash about during the drive.
  • Park too far away from home – The further away you park, the further away you need to carry the bed, couch and fridge.  Get as close as possible, and back in to driveways.
  • Park in a violation zone – Moving trucks are not exempt from parking laws, and double parking or parking in a restricted zone can result in tickets.

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