How to Handle a Homesick Family Member

Homesickness can be debilitating on a person’s morale.  It can sap their energy, and make them feel all around depressed.  The food doesn’t taste as good as at home; Sunday mornings don’t feel as comfortably lazy; friends aren’t as friendly…

While homesickness can strike any recent mover, children and those who are leaving a hometown are especially susceptible.  If one of your family members is homesick, dealing with their emotions requires understanding and persistence.  Here are some things you can do:

  • Be understanding – First and foremost, understand that homesickness is a real condition with real consequences.  Don’t take the position that the person just has to “get over it.”
  • Visit places they might like – The best ways to beat homesickness is to start liking a new home more than the old one.  Take the person to places you know they’ll enjoy, preferably something interactive, like the ballgame or the museum.
  • Have friends come into town – If the person misses their friends, invite

    a friend or two to come visit.  It might help the transition.

  • Don’t force them into things too soon – A great fix for homesickness is for the person to join clubs and activities where they will meet others and be productive.  However, be wary of forcing someone into an activity shortly after they move.  Let them get used to the area first, and push activities after a month or two, if the problem persists.

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