How to Find a New Doctor

Finding a new family physician after you move isn’t easy.  There are a lot of doctors out there, and you don’t know a lick about any of them.  So, how do you go about doing finding a good one for you and your family?

There are a number of steps you need to take to find a good doctor in your new hometown:

  • Specializations -If you have particular health issues, you should limit your search to doctors who can treat them.  List out your conditions.  If you don’t know them or their names, ask for documentation from your prior doctor.
  • Locations – Don’t

    make the mistake of getting a doctor who is really far away.  A 45-minute drive is not something you want when you’re sick.

  • Reviews – Check out doctor reviews online on site like Yelp!.  Also, talk to neighbors and friends to see if they have any suggestions.  Finally, familiarize yourself with the doctor’s credentials.
  • Visit – Before your first check up, visit the office to see what it’s like.  If a doctor can’t maintain a clean atmosphere, you’ll want a different doctor.
  • Get Medical Records – As soon as possible, get any necessary medical records from your previous doctor.  For example, if you move with a broken arm, get copies of the x-ray and medical report, or have you old doctor forward them on to your new one as soon as possible.

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