Moving Scams: Tips for Avoiding

It can be difficult to tell moving scams from legitimate moving companies.  There is a lot that happens when you try to find and talk to a moving company.  Scammers know how to take advantage of this high-stress situation.  However, you can fight back by keeping an eye out for red flags.  Here are six of them.

  • Blank contracts – Never, ever sign a blank contract.
  • Hasty estimates – If your mover gave you a good price after just a question or two, you might want to reconsider.  You’re probably leaving yourself open to hidden charges.
  • Holding deposits – If you have to pay money to “hold” a place, make sure to check into your landlord’s past.
  • Too much information – Are you giving your social security number to you movers? You should take pause, because that should not be necessary.
  • Instincts – Sometimes you just have a bad feeling about a situation or a particular person… trust that feeling.

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