Moving Scams: Common Hidden Charges

Picture this:

You spoke with your moving company on the phone before hiring them.  You told them how much you needed to move, where to and when.  They asked for your contact information, and you gave it to them.  Then they gave you an estimate of $3000, which sounded good, you signed a contract, and they showed up on moving day to move your stuff.

After they dropped everything off at your new place, they gave you a celebrex order bill for $3,800.  When you asked why, they said your new place was on the second floor, which was an additional charge.

Hidden moving costs are a common moving scam.  There are a bunch of them that you might not think to ask about, and, unfortunately, the moving company can hold onto your stuff while you dispute them.  Some common hidden charges include:

  • Stairs
  • Distance – if movers need to walk a couple blocks from your place to the truck.
  • Difficult possessions
  • Extra time – travel, exceeded expectations
  • Gas
  • Lunch breaks
  • Packing costs – for example, if your movers need to box items or fix bad boxing.
  • Parking
  • Credit card fees
So, how do you avoid these hidden fees? The best way is to have a strong contract, one that details each thing that you can be charged for and prohibits any additional charges not in the contract.  Make sure to discuss potential hidden charges with your moving company, and review your moving contract as if you were signing away your life.

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