Moving Scams: Unlicensed, Uninsured & Indebted

Good moving companies can have some bad practices behind the scenes.  And, unfortunately, the risk falls on the customer in most cases.  So, it’s best to avoid companies without the essentials.

One of the most common bad practices is for moving companies to not have insurance.  Moving companies need insurance so that they can pay you back if they break your stuff during the move.  If a company is uninsured, then when they screw up, it’s you who gets, erm, screwed.  Ask to see your company’s insurance.

Another thing to watch out for is licensing.  Federal law requires moving companies who traverse state lines to follow certain licensing and reporting procedures.  If they don’t they can be subject to fee and worse.  However, for you, the main issue is this: if the company is avoiding federal law, do you want them moving your stuff?  Ask to see your company’s license.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your moving company is indebted to anyone for a large amount of money.  If they are, and if they break something expensive, you’re pretty much assured of nothing getting paid back.  Check out your company on your state’s secretary of state website, which lists liens placed on people and companies.

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