Best Cities to Move to

Thinking about moving? There are a lot of great cities to move to, depending on your specific interests and needs. However, there are a few cities that seem to top everyone’s list in this fine year of 2013. Here are our picks for the best cities to move to:

  • Oakland – Oakland is topping lists, because it’s blossoming on many levels. Its arts and foodie scenes are exploding; its climate is perfect; it’s a great place to open a business; and it’s far cheaper than nearby San Francisco, though residents can still enjoy SF very easily.
  • New York City – New York City should always make the cut, because it’s New York City. It has more opportunities and experiences available than anywhere else in the U.S. Sure, it’s expensive, but for those who can swing it, it’s the place to be.
  • HoustonHouston was once just a big, sweaty, swampy sort of place. It still is, too, but now it’s got some culture. Houston is America’s energy capital, which attracts companies from all over the world, which attracts people from all over the world. Houston has become extremely diverse, and its restaurants and museums reflect that diversity. Move to Houston, enjoy the world.
  • Pittsburgh Pittsburgh is an up-and-coming city with a strong economy and a fun downtown. What else can you want? How about hills? Pittsburgh has those, too, and the northern suburbs feed into the city center via incline trains and stairways.
  • Austin Austin is hot right now. Not literally (though if it’s anywhere between April and October, it probably is), but in the sense that everyone wants to move there, from young folks, to entrepreneurs, to big-time tech companies. That Austin has a lot to do helps (South by Southwest, UT football, Dripping Springs…), and so does the weather, which, though sticky hot, is far better than bitter cold.

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