Terms to Include in a Sublease

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Looking for a sublease form?

Well, you shouldn’t be. No sublease form can be downloaded and applied to your situation perfectly. The only way you can assure yourself of a good sublease is to make it yourself, taking time to consider the particular needs of your sublease situation.

In this article, we will detail what terms to think about including in your sublease. (Click here to learn what a sublease is).


What Term to Include in a Sublease

You can get a form lease to see the basic terms and structure of a lease (we’re not in the business of providing form leases, so you’ll have to look elsewhere). However, you’ll need to consider these things to tailor it to your situation:

*Sublessor = person renting out the unit. Sublessee = person paying to live in unit.

  • Length of sublease – How long will the sublease last? Month-to-month? A few weeks? Until the end of the lease?
  • Payment arrangements – How will the sublessee pay the sublessor?
  • Use of belongings – Can the sublessee use everything left in the house? If no, then what’s off limits?
  • Liability for damage – If something breaks during the sublessee’s tenure, who has to pay for it? Is it possible that something that breaks could be the sublessor’s fault?
  • Further subleasing – Can the sublessee, in turn, sublease to someone else?
  • Unexpected return – What happens if the sublessor returns from their trip early? Or just wants their place back?


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