How to Move into a Dorm

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Wondering how to actually move into your dorm room?

As in, how to get your stuff from the trunk of your car to your new dorm room breaking things or falling down?

Moving into a dorm is much the same as moving anywhere else. Bend at the knees, only carry what you can, wear shoes… However, there are a few special considerations, which we will lay out for you in this article.

How to Move into a Dorm

  1. Check in first – Check in with the dorm staff to get your key and room location.
  2. Scope out your room – Actually look at your room and plan where you will put stuff.
  3. Double check with roommate – If your roommate is there, check with them to make sure you both aren’t bringing the same large items.
  4. Plan a route – Decide which stairs you’ll take, and try to find an elevator, if you need one.
  5. Take little things first – Bring in your clothes and smaller items first.
  6. Unpack little things – Unpack your smaller items before unloading larger items. Get them situated, so they don’t get in the way of placing larger items.
  7. Bring in the big stuff – Get lugging, freshman.
  8. Triple check with roommate – Make sure one last time that you and your roomy did not, say, both bring a Playstation 3 for your one TV.
  9. Plug everything in / set up



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