Tips for DITY Move

DITY moves, also known as personally-procured transportation moves (PPM), are great ways to use the government’s laziness to your advantage.

If you move yourself, the government will pay you 95% of what it would cost it to move you. So, if you can move for real cheap, you can actually earn money doing it.

But how can one make the most money possible on a DITY move? And, more importantly, not lose money?

  • Get the DITY rate first – Visit your TMO or related office to get your estimated DITY rate, called the government constructive cost. It’ll depend on the estimated weight of your stuff and the distance you’re moving.
  • Move on your own – If at all possible, move by yourself using what you have. At most, rent a moving truck.
  • Sell stuff – Get rid of your big stuff, which lowers the cost of moving significantly.
  • Friends/family – Use free help where you can.
  • Keep receipts – And present them to the military within 45 days of your move; otherwise you may lose your right to repayment.

Learn what is a personally procured move (DITY).

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