Personally-Procured Move vs DITY Move

What’s the difference between a personally procured move (PPM) and DITY move?

Nothing. They’re different names for the same thing. You see, the military used to call their alternative move program, which allows you to move yourself and get paid 95% of the price it would have costed the military, DITY. DITY stand for do-it-yourself. Get it? Do-it-yourself move.

Anyhow, a few years back, someone decided that was too informal, too childish-sounding, too not-stuffy. So, they changed it to the more proper-sounding personally-procured transportation move, now known as PPM.

I personally like DITY. It’s more fun to say, because it’s like a word. DITY, like “ditty”.  PPM, though? There’s no way around pronouncing the letters.

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