Should I Buy a Futon?

Many Americans frown upon the humble futon. It looks cheap. It doesn’t have enough springs ‘n’ jazz. It lacks the gadgetry of the mattresses from late-night TV.

However, there are many reasons why you should buy a futon, not the least of which is to use it as your bed. Here are our top 5 reasons to buy a futon:

  1. Cheap – Futons are like 1/3 of the price of actual beds (mattress, frame, box spring, etc), maybe even less.
  2. Easy to move – Futons are cake to move. Just roll them up and you can fit them about anywhere. They are a DIY mover’s dream. Learn more about how to move a futon.
  3. Flexible for small spaces – Futons are good for small apartments and studios, because they can double as a couch and are generally smaller than beds. They can also be placed right on the floor for sleeping.
  4. Good for your back – Futons are better for your back than most of those expensive mattresses you hear about. They might not feel as dreamy, but they’re firmer due to being right on a flat surface, keeping your back straighter. For people (like yours truly) who have bad backs, they’re the way to go.
  5. Liberating – If you own a futon, you can pick up and move whenever you want in whatever you want for almost no additional cost.


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