Moving with Pets

Like ants on chocolate, pets can and will complicate any move.  Even the most trained of pets can get flustered in the hectic of it all and end up quivering under your car or crying at the feet of your movers.  There are some basic steps you can take to avoid a difficult situation, though.

1. Talk to your vet or a pet store owner (for vet-less pets, like fish and hamsters).  They can give you good, basic information to keep in mind.

2. Separate your pet from the move.  Keep them in a neutral room with food and water during the heavy-lifting and open-doors times of the move.

3. Avoid tranquilizing – unless your vet okays it. Tranquilizing certain pets, notably dogs and cats, can create more problems than it quells.

 4. Keep your pet’s needs at the top of your mind.  Move your pet and its needs out of the home last and into your new home first.

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