Moving Away from Family

Moving away from family can either be the best move you’ve ever made or the hardest move you’ve ever made, depending on who your family is. 

If you love your family and want to stay with them, then having to move away from family can be very difficult. However, if your mother’s nagging and brat sister’s bratting have become incessant sources of rage, well, then, moving away might be soothing for your soul.

If you DON’T want to move away from family, then try the following:

  • Go on a final trip – Make one last family experience with your folks before you leave.
  • Stay in contact – Use Skype and texting to stay in close contact with everyone.
  • Plan holidays – Plan your next trip home. It’ll be something to look forward to.

If you DO want to ditch the fam, don’t forget these tidbits of truth:

  • You are a part of them, whether by way of genetics or shared experience.
  • Few people will ever know you as well.
  • If something goes wrong in life, you will be happy to have not abandoned them completely.


Family been buggerin’ you batsy? That’s one of our classic reasons to move, you know…

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