How to Move to California

Moving to California fills people with thoughts of ocean swells, palm trees, salt-bleached blonde hair, and avocado/seafood dishes on warm, misty evenings. Of course, more than half the population is located in a desert, farmland, a combo of both, or a massive suburb. Nevertheless, the romantic ideal of California persists, and for good reason. California has it all. If you’re wondering how to move to California, here are our top tips:

  • Know where to live – California has many different vibes. L.A. is nothing like S.F., which is way more liberal than Anaheim, which is rich but does not as rich as San Jose’s Silicon Valley, which can’t simply pay for Mendocino’s redwoods, which don’t have Tahoe’s skiing, which doesn’t have San Diego’s surfing, or Santa Cruz’s chillaxing, or Fresno’s… hot dust. So, which sounds right for you?
  • Bring hiking shoes – Wherever you live, there will be mountains, beaches and/or forests nearby.
  • Be frugal (or rich) – California is expensive, especially along the coast. Plan your spending accordingly, or move with a lot to spend.
  • Try In’n’Out Burger – It’s good, if you haven’t heard.
  • Also try farmers’ markets – California is home to the Central Valley, which produces a massive amount of the world’s produce. Additionally, the coastal territories’ mild climates are great for many crops. Good farmers’ markets abound!


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