Moving Services Agreements

A moving services agreement, also known as a moving contract, is an agreement between a customer and a moving company . The customer agrees to pay the moving company, and the moving company agrees to provide moving services. Easy enough, right?


Moving services agreements can be poorly made, leaving both sides open to later disputes, unpaid bills and, gulp, lawsuits. This is because there’s a lot at stake when moving. A moving company is going to expend a lot of time and effort, and a customer is going to have a lot of money and their possessions on the line. There are many opportunities for disagreement if, say, the customer’s favorite lamp is broken, or if the moving company unexpectedly demands payment before unloading.

The way to avoid arguments is to cover every potential situation in writing beforehand… in a written moving services agreement. That way, both sides are forced to figure out potential problems before they occur, making their resolution later speedy and cheap.

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