Top 5 Reason Not to Move in the Summer

Millions of people move each summer. It’s the prime time for families and students to relocate for the next school year, and the military sets most of its thousands of moves for the summer months.

However, while moving in the summer might be the choice of many, it is not necessarily the best time to move. Here are the top five reason why not to move in the summer:

  1. It’s hot – Summer is hot. And if you’re unlucky enough, it’ll be really hot. Like 98 and humid hot. And that’s no good for moving or for exploring your new hometown.
  2. It’s expensive – Moving companies charge higher rates for the higher demand.
  3. It’s busy – The highways are packed and there’s construction galore.
  4. Rents jack up – If you’re renting an apartment, you can expect to get the worst deal possible in the summer, notably around August, when schools tend to start back up.
  5. There are better things to be doing – You can be going on a vacation, or working on your tan, or easting ice cream on a warm night by the river… instead of packing.


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