What Is a Moving Agreement?

Agreement = Contract

This might not always be true, but for our purposes it is. If you’re hiring a moving company, then you are creating a contract with that moving company to move you. Likewise, you are coming to an agreement that they will move you.

Simply making an agreement is rarely enough, though. What’s important is what’s in that moving agreement.

You see, you can make a moving agreement with rips offs, scammers and incompetent movers. It’s very easy. And the reason why it happens is the moving agreement itself is poor, allowing the moving company to rip you off, hit you with hidden fees or worse. For example, does an agreement to move your stuff for $150/hr include driving time? Lunch breaks? What if the movers take 10 hours longer than they tell you?

You can avoid all of these issues by creating a strong moving agreement. Here are the basics:

  • Have all terms be in writing
  • Signed and dated by both parties
  • Establish a maximum price
  • Establish the dates of your move

Check out this link to learn about the terms to include in your moving contract

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