Using the Bungee Cord when Moving

If a do-it-yourself mover is Batman, the humble bungee cord is his Robin.

Bungee cords come in many different sizes and colors, but they all perform the same function: fastening things into place.  If you’re moving, they are a great moving supply to have on hand because they can ensure that furniture and boxes remain in place in the truck during the move.  Of course, you might ask, “well, doesn’t rope do the same thing?”

Sure.  Rope also functions to fasten things in place.  Rope also does this and this, and it’s not flexible.  Bungee cords are more flexible; they stretch to encircle things, then constrict on them tightly.  They are also more durable and unless excessively long do not get tangled.

If you have a move upcoming, do yourself a favor and buy a few bungee chords.  It’s almost guaranteed that they will come into play, and they’ll be of use to you in the future as well.

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