Pros and Cons of Moving to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is located about an hour south of Denver. It’s an outdoorsman’s dream, a place with plenty of bike paths, hiking trails, parks and scenic views, including of the iconic Pike’s Peak. In fact, Colorado Springs is right at the feet of the Rocky Mountains, giving it one of the best backdrops in the world.

Colorado Springs doesn’t have the museum or arts scene of nearby Denver. It’s more of a sprawling city, with many residential neighborhoods and strips malls, and without a large, centralized downtown. With this comes a lack of public transit – traffic can get quite hectic in Colorado Springs. However, it’s also quieter city than Denver, one with a major military presence.

Learn more about the pros and cons of Colorado Springs, including demographical data.

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  1. alhoodgirl says:

    I am giving a shout out to the Colorado folks dealing with all the flood damage. I am looking to volunteering my services to help with the damages. I hope you all are safe and keeping the faith.

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