Moving Company Overcharges

It’s not unheard of – moving companies do sometimes overcharge their customers. Certainly not all of them do, but there are shady types around. However, how exactly do they overcharge their customers? What should you look for?

Here are the most common ways moving companies overcharge their customers:

  • Low estimates – The classic gimmick is to give the customer a very low, but not guaranteed, moving price, then jack up the price considerably upon moving. So, they might estimate your stuff will weigh 5,000 pounds, when they know 8,000 is more accurate.
  • Hidden charges – Movers might charge for stair cases, gas, lunch breaks… really, anything. Make sure you get a moving contract that doesn’t allow them to add charges or that addresses all potential costs.
  • Penalties – If your move takes a little longer than expected, or if the company needs to hold on to your stuff for an extra day or two, you might find them charging you exorbitant  penalties.


Find a reputable moving company by checking online reviews.

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