Moving a Pool Table

Pool tables are one of the most difficult things to move.  Like pianos and other large furniture, they are heavy, bulky and expensive.  Moving them without taking proper care creates the risk that you’ll break one of the table’s legs… or your own.

If you want to move a pool table safely, hire a moving company, or follow these steps:

Get help – Pool tables weigh somewhere between heavy and super heavy.  Get a few friends on hand to help you lug it to the moving truck.

Use covering – Cover the edges and felt of your pool table with a plastic covering, so they don’t get scratched or dented in transit.

Plan a routeTake measurements of your table and make sure you can fit it through the staircases, halls and doorways of your home en route to your moving truck.  Also, make sure you know buy dosages levitra where to situate it in the moving truck in relation to your bed and other bulky furniture.

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