How to Unload Furniture

One of the most dangerous moments of your move will be unloading furniture from your moving truck.  Many moving trucks’ trailers are a few feet off the ground.  They have ramps that you can walk down, but these ramps are thin and flimsy.  Carrying a couch down them backwards is, to say the least, risky.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself while moving furniture from your moving truck.

  1. Ramp – the moving truck’s ramp might not be the most sturdy thing in the world, but it’s a far better option than trying to move a couch over the edge of the trailer, like that guy in the picture.
  2. Dolly – if possible, use a dolly, which will support most of the weight of the furniture and allow you to roll it.
  3. Double-team – don’t try to be superman.  Unless you absolutely have to go it alone, have another person help you move furniture, even if it’s a smaller piece.
  4. Gloves – one of the toughest things about moving furniture is finding a good grip.  Gloves will help you grip the furniture, and they will protect your fingers, letting you hold onto the furniture longer.

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