How Much Do Packers Cost?

Packers cost anywhere between $100 and $3000, depending on the items you need packed.

Packers, also known as moving packing services, will come to your place to box, bag and prep your stuff for your move. They can be especially helpful for those will big homes and little time. However, they aren’t free, and prices stack the more they pack.

If you have a four bedroom home with a lot of furniture and electronics, you can end up paying over $2,000 for a packing service. However, if you’re a bachelor(ette) and only need help with taking apart some furniture and packing some pots, the cost of a packing service can dive below $200.

Either way, you can cut down on the cost of packers by doing two things:

  1. Packing what you can – Handle the easy stuff on your own, and trim an hour or three off the final bill.
  2. Supplying the supplies – Some packers charge for moving materials. If you provide the moving boxes and tape, they have nothing to bill you for, do they?

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