Friendliest US Cities

What is friendly? Is it going out of your way to wave to your neighbor? Is it making sure you tip 20%? Is it not robbing someone?

Everybody has different definitions of friendly, but when it comes to an entire city, friendly can be boiled down into three factors: intimacy, events and low crime.

Intimacy means people actually interact. Events are reasons for people to gather. Low crime means people aren’t killing each other at too high of a high rate. Based on these factors, here are our top five friendliest US cities:

New York City – NYC might be known for being fast-paced and rude, but its residents would beg to differ. All people in all cities have good and bad days. However, only New York has more things to do than many American cities do combined. Plus, it’s one of the densest cities in America, leading to plenty of neighborly conversations.

San Francisco  – San Francisco’s calendar is filled year-round with nice weather and lively activities. From crazy parades to intimate music fests to boats parties and performances in Union Square, San Francisco is always bringing its population together. Additionally, its crime rate is low and its density is high, meaning people rub elbows a lot without getting robbed. (get quotes from real SF movers)

Salt Lake City – Of all major American cities, Salt Lake City has one of the absolute lowest crime rates. Additionally, though the city is spread out, its population prides itself on strong community.

Honolulu – Honolulu is one of the most densely populated cities in the US. Additionally, its gorgeous weather and many natural activities make it very easy to get along. Finally, its crime rates are below average.

Nashville – Nashville is known as the friendliest major city, a place where people just say hi. Maybe it’s all the music – music makes people happy, right? (get moving quotes from some Nashville movers)

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