Best Cities for Being Single

Being single is fun as long as you aren’t lonely. Paradoxical? Not really. Single people should be able to enjoy being single, which means being able to go out with new people and experiment with personalities. This requires having a healthy dating scene to dip into.

Obviously, massive metros like Chicago, LA and New York have massive dating scenes as well, but many (relatively) smaller cities are establishing themselves as Cupids of sorts. These are five great cities for being single:

  • Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh is attracting young professionals by the college-load, and its lively downtown is a great place for them to all mingle.
  • Columbus – With Ohio State University and a growing tech sector, Columbus has a very healthy, young population, and its dating scene is recognized as one of the best in the US.
  • Scottsdale (Phoenix) – Scottsdale is a party town, and a lot of young adults live here to take advantage of its relatively low rents and great social scene. Where better to pick up a guy/gal than at a sunny pool party?
  • Houston – Houston has become a hub for international industry. People from all over the world are finding new jobs in Houston, often on a fairly short-term basis. This means the scenes ripe for picking, not for sticking, if you know what I mean.
  • Atlanta – Atlanta has one of the liveliest LGBT scenes in the US, and its arts and music culture is unparalleled in the South.


Learn more about each of these cities via’s City Guide Pages.

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